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Mazhar Raslan

Founder, President, Broker




Client Relationships, Capital Syndication, Valuation, Design

Favorite NYC Building: 

15 Central Park West

Favorite Hobby or Sport:


Mazhar Raslan, President of IT Properties uses visionary concepts and out-of-the-box approaches to real estate investment challenges, with 37 years of experience that includes design, construction, sales, management, development, and financing of various types of property, in a wide range of locations across the globe.

Prior to starting IT Properties, Mazhar Raslan was an officer at the New York City office of a European bank, and in 1985 was responsible for syndicating capital for three real estate funds across seven cities in the US. He later served to supervise the management of the JP Morgan Chase Tower, a 75 story building in Houston, where his efforts resulted in 15% savings in operating expenses, higher quality services and security, as well as multiple building upgrades.


Mazhar started his career as a civil engineer and was responsible for designing and managing the development of several commercial and residential buildings throughout the Middle East. Mr. Raslan holds a B.S. in Engineering from the American University in Beirut with concentrations in Business and Finance. In 1989, Mazhar established IT Properties, which became one of the leading brokerage firms in Manhattan, exceeding $1.2 billion in sales and investment throughout Manhattan.

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