We are a boutique firm that is uniquely specialized in creating a turn-key, full service experience for an Owner/Investor in meeting their Manhattan condominium real estate needs – because all Owners are Investors. 


IT Properties operates globally, serving clients on 5 continents worldwide.  Investors or Owners purchase an apartment in New York City for its value, for the New York City experience . We work with client’s to help them manage their real estate assets by providing on the ground A-Z assistance in their absence.  We do it all.

Whether an Owner/Investor has an apartment that they wish to maintain from a distance or whether they wish to purchase to rent out as an investment, IT Properties is there.  We handle all those little things that need to be done to keep a residence maintained well and a Tenant satisfied in the Owner’s best interest.

IT Properties maintains a list of reliable vendors that are overwhelmingly competitive, yet deliver quality work in the New York City market for repairs, maintenance and renovation.


IT Properties acquired, sold, developed and managed over 220 homes, with a value exceeding $900 million over the last 19 years. We intimately understand the purchase process and will advise and assist you from beginning to end, with your best interest in mind. We offer extensive experience in purchasing new construction whether a Purchaser/Investor is acquiring a single unit or seeking bulk purchase, with each requiring a different skill set. We have the rare ability to handle on-site sales as well as individual condominium re-sales.


We have the highest quality presentation in the industry.  IT Properties offers the very best in leasing capabilities.  We create riders that protect the Owner/Investor as well as serving the customer. One of the most important aspects of leasing is the ability to manage the residence and the tenant occupying the residence.  The phone call or e-mail received to handle a repair or an immediate or urgent need, is addressed immediately.  Immediate and timely action protects the Owner and serves the Tenant.

Equal Housing Opportunity
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